road adventures


While focusing more on my personal photos I’m looking froward to reshape this blog into photo road adventures¬† site.

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The Dream


Perfect ride for Ukrainian roads and adventures in general.


Please do your homework. A message to me.

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Do you really need a suspension?

The answer to this question is laying further.

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Neil Stevens Cycling Prints

Through this blog I’ll be also sharing some cycling related things like others people videos, photos, thoughts etc.
So today let me introduce the art of London based illustrator Neil Stevens. He definitely like climbs.

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Record One

This is sort of “hello world” in terms of LITTLEBIGCYCLING site/blog and 2015 season which has already began.

At least in Ukraine spring came early. To be exact – in January. Kilometres are already clocking on my speedometer and I have some great plans for this cycling year.

Please hold your breath Ladies and Gentlemen for a while. Site is still under construction. But adventures are calling already.


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